ZKTeco chính hãng Đài Loan


ZKTeco is an international multinational bio-security company headquartered in Shenzhen, China, that develops, manufactures, supports and sells biosecurity devices and software. Its best known products are fingerprint and facial time attendance devices and access control units. Its flagship software product is ZKTime 3.0, which was published in 2015. It is also one of the world's biggest bio-security device manufacturers.

ZKTeco (previously ZKSoftware) was founded by Quanhong Che at 1985, began research and development on a revolutionary biometric algorithm. It rose to dominate the time attendance markets in the mid-2000s, then turned to the access control devices development.

As of 2015, ZKTeco tends to market dominant in both the time attendance and access control software markets. The company also produces a wide range of other new high-tech products and servers, and is active areas including Bio-database, green logo products, facial video surveillance vein attendance devices, time attendance services, and engineering products.